Giant leaps in Chemistry
are made in small measured steps

What Norton Scientific Does

This is the Future of Analytical Instruments

By successfully integrating guided wave laser optics, microfluidics and robust data analysis software, researchers at Norton Scientific have invented a proprietary laser-based product that is now being marketed to laboratories and universities around the world.

Targeting proteomics applications including crystallographers, the company is introducing this low-cost analytical system to researchers in biopharmaceutical and healthcare, advanced materials, food and beverage, bio-materials and in-water pollution monitoring.

Norton intends to market simple-to-use products that can be used by technicians, rather than analysts, to be incorporated into any laboratories’ own process control systems.  Due to various applications of these materials, “macromolecule” covers the entire range of polymers and biopolymers − including proteins and peptides − that can be analysed using the intellectual property owned by NSI, such as contained in the revolutionary protein aggregation monitor (PAM).

Natural Anti Aging Remedies

As much as people may think that ageing is mindset and that one can stay young for long without the need to make themselves look younger, there reaches a breakoff point when the skin and hair give up and show just how old you are getting. As much as it should not be something to get embarrassed about, it is a good move to practice natural anti aging remedies because everyone’s wish is to look young for as long as possible. The main areas affected are usually the hair and skin. Hair starts to shade off or turn grey while the skin gets wrinkled. Here is a look at some of this remedies:

  • Water - The importance of drinking plenty of this fluid has been stressed by most people but underestimated by many. Not only does it aid the skin to look young and supple but also helps in general body health. Drinking plenty of water doesn’t mean that one should take six gallons a day. This would overwork ones kidney. The recommended six to eight glasses is good enough to keep wrinkles off one’s skin. Also one should be keen to ensure that it has been filtered and doesn’t contain hard substances such as metallic compounds which may be harmful to the skin.

  • The foods we take do matter a lot. Anti-oxidants are chemicals that help keep the body healthy and young. They can be found in many foods and one should be keen to make sure that he/she takes these meals regularly as the body needs them. They include vegetables such as cucumber, ginger and tomatoes. Ginger can be taken in tea. Liver and eggs are a rich source of these nutrients. One may also find dark colored fruits and nuts such as walnuts healthy.

  • How one lives tends to affect how one ages too. A stressed and depressed person will surely age fast. This is not a stereotype. One should therefore avoid stress, get enough sleep each day and avoid drugs, especially smoking. Stress can be avoided in multiple ways including meditation, Yoga, music and talking to friends. Passive smokers should also be cautious.

  • There are natural elements that one can apply on the skin to give it the nutrients it needs. Take for instance, avocado mask. Avocado is a nutritious fruit with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants that the skin needs. So instead of eating it, why don’t you take your time and apply it to your face. Add honey, fresh cream and flaxseed to the avocado and use it regularly. This mixture can also be applied on the hair to make it look young and healthy. Other mixtures that can help exfoliate the skin and make hair look good include, coconut and lemon scrubs, putting yoghurt on the face and also applying a raw egg on the hair.

You don’t have to wait and look old so that you may go see a plastic surgeon to make you look young. The doctor may even end up doing a poor job. This natural remedies are effective and all that one needs is consistence. Self-drive can save you from looking old.