Who We Are

Giant Leaps in Chemistry are made in small measured steps.

Norton Scientific (NSI) designs the measurement tools to enable advances in proteomics, nanotechnology, and green technology to proceed from idea to production for use in a wide range of markets from healthcare to biomaterials, and even viticulture and brewing!

The aim of NSI is to maintain a flat organisational structure that empowers staff to work on their own initiative as much as possible, to ensure the company remains pro-active and innovative when dealing much larger competitors in the marketplace. In this way, NSI maintains competitive advantage through the use of disruptive technologies.

 An NSI Operations Manual will be developed immediately to allow the company to apply for ISO 9000 certification as rapidly as possible. A “Best Practice” approach to company systems development will be maintained from the outset, with GLP and the various new sustainability standards implemented as appropriate.

Off the shelf accounting packages such as QuickBooks will be used to maintain financial control, with advice from an external accountant brought in as needed, as well as requisite audit teams. Monthly management reports that enable key costs and sales revenues to be tracked will be generated and made available to the board and stakeholders ahead of meetings.

A review of regulations enforced by bodies such as the US FDA, Canada Health, CE, is underway to ensure full compliance, though sales strategy is to avoid market sectors that fall under the auspices of medical safety bodies such as the FDA because of the delays and costs associated with method validation.