For investor information, please contact us directly at:

Norton Scientific Inc.
PO Box 542
295 Ridge Road
Ridgeway, ON
L0S 1N0

[email protected]

Please be advised that all shareholder or potential shareholder contact must be initiated via the above email.  Telephone calls are not appropriate at this time.
Following the closure of the Frankfurt Borse First Quotation Board on December 15th, 2012 and the consequential de-listing, the board of Norton Scientific Inc (NT3) have been considering the options that exist to best meet the capital requirements of the Corporation and the interests of shareholders in the future.

With the turbulence and regulatory uncertainty encountered following our listing in May 2011 set to continue and potentially intensify in the short to medium term, the board believes that a fresh listing on another market would not be successful in raising capital.  It would also be a costly distraction as we seek to expand sales and continue product R_D.  The negative effect on our reputation created by certain unauthorized brokers using our listing details to sell counterfeit shares has also been a factor in this decision.

As a result, the board of directors feel it is in the best interests of all stakeholders for the Corporation to focus on raising money for R_D and sales distribution channel expansion from private investors and not pursue a publicly quoted listing for the foreseeable future.

It has come to Norton’s attention that a company called “Franz Watermann AG” purportedly operating from Belgium/Netherlands is engaged in fraudulent activities.  Shareholders should be cautioned not to have any dealings with this firm and in the event of being solicited by this company they should advise Norton immediately.