Norton Scientific directs sales efforts at researchers in the polymer analysis market.

Norton Scientific is headquarted in Canada and labs across the country (mainly in the Hamilton-Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec corridor) will be handled directly. In the mid-term,we recognize that significant clusters in Asia, South Korea and Japan are growing and represent a huge opportunity for Norton sales representatives.

The polymer-biopolymer analysis market has traditionally represented ~10% of the total analytical instruments market (worth $40 billion in 2009 with growth rate through the recession of 7% p.a.), but in recent years this sector has been growing at a much faster rate (15 – 20% estimated) than the largely mature small molecule analysis market, driven by the new proteomics research focus in drug discovery plus a growth in the use of complex polymeric materials in applications ranging from drug delivery systems, through pollution monitoring and low-cost solar panels, to advanced materials for the aerospace industry.

There are over 3,500 crystallography labs globally including industry, universities and governments.  Norton’s marketing efforts will target critical labs located mainly in the Boston and Cambridge area of North America; and those in the UK, centred around London and Cambridge with important contributions from the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland, as well as in Germany, Scandinavia and Switzerland.

Additionally, there are two key areas in the U.S. that attract researchers and will require special attention, concentrated in California and the renowned Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

Many university labs are now starting to do basic early-stage research for the large pharmaceutical companies.